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Decision to import all machines from Taiwan was taken after meeting with prospective customers in USA. All the prospective customers in USA strongly recommended for machines of K TICHO- TAIWAN. These prospective customers are giant stockist & suppliers to 'The Home Depot' USA apart from other locations in USA and European countries.

International Market Presence

The expansion of business reflects about the progressiveness of a company. We have been giving hints of our progressive business view by exploring diverse national and international markets. We are making customers across the globe experience what perfection looks like by serving them precisely constructed 21 Degree Plastic Collated Nails, Ring Shank Nails and Hand Drive Nails. Having an international market presence has earned us benefits like increased efficiency, large customer-base, increased market share and goodwill. We carry out business in overseas by abiding international trade norms and regulations.

Our Idea of Success

For our firm, definition of success means happy & satisfied client-base that gives repeated orders and recommend particular brand's name to prospective buyers. We are happy to have tasted fruit of this form of success in a very short time-period. We managed to do this banking our quality production and ethical work practices.

Reasons of Our Growth

  • Diversifying Markets- We are immensely growing in the market because of our ability to serve the needs of diverse markets both on domestic and global levels. We explore different and study their nature and market requirements, perfectly.
  • Access To More Customers- Our business entity by working as an exporter has gained access to more customers. We enjoy support of not just Indian but international clients. These customers place repeated orders to us pertaining 21degree Plastic Collated Nails and Hand Drive Nails.
  • Financial Stability- Excellent financial stability allows us to manage cash for future business needs and invest amount in bettering production.


A bird without wings and a company without team is unable to experience vastness of sky. Having understanding of this on a deeper level, our company works with a great teamwork culture. Team of 10 dexterous well qualified individuals, apart from helper, put across their best in making company experience heights of glory in business. They handle internal and external business affairs with extreme perfection, keeping possibilities of defects to zero.